The Collection

The CNPHS is home to thousands of local artifacts, including maps, costumes, documents, tools, photographs, postcards, and many of the items typically found in a Port Washington home between the mid 1700's through the mid 1900's.  In the coming months, we will highlight many of these items in this space.

We'll start with a 360 degree panoramic image of one of our favorite artifacts, the Toonerville Trolley.  Created by cartoonist Fontaine Fox, Jr. (1884-1964) who was an American cartoonist and illustrator, best known for writing and illustrating his Toonerville Folks comic panel. It ran from 1913 to 1955 in 250 to 300 newspapers across North America. One of his illustrations is reproduced at the left, and you can see the little trolley in the middle left, next to where the road is crossing the tracks.

The lithographed tin wind-up Toonerville Trolley was first produced in Germany around 1922 by the H. Fischer Co. of Nuremberg.

Click on the image below, and holding your mouse down, drag from side to side to spin the trolley.  Full accession descriptions, along with more images, coming soon! 

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