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A Virtual Tour of Historic Port Washington: 1880-1965

Photographs in a Way You've Never Seen Them

Presentation by Chris Bain
President, Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society

  Wed, Jan 31 at 7 pm ✦ Port Washington Public Library

At the Port Washington Public Library, 175 people enjoyed a unique presentation of historic photographs of Port Washington narrated by Christopher Bain, President of the Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society. The virtual tour included more than a hundred rare photographs of Port Washington, ranging from the 1880's - when there were only a few hundred people living in town, and continuing through the 1960's - which many of us remember. These images will be placed in clear & unique context, using rarely-seen aerial photos. 

Seating was limited, so we hope you were able to view some of the most amazing images that you've never seen before and learn how they helped to make our town what it is today. Free Admission.

Photos courtesy Cow Neck 
Peninsula Historical Society.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

 The Eyes of War
A United States Army Photo Unit in Vietnam

Have you ever wondered how US Army combat photographers operated in Vietnam? Fred Blumlein, trustee of the Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society and a former US Army officer who led a photo unit in Vietnam, will tell us about the complexity of taking and processing photographs under the extreme conditions of war.

Saturday, October 21, 2017
"Fashion and Station in Colonial America"

A presentation by Michael Goudket, returning by popular demand:

Learn how what a person is wearing revealed their place in society in the 18th Century
from Raynham Hall Museum educator Michael Goudket.
When looking at paintings and drawings of the time,
you will be able to tell much more about the people who appear in them.
People who have colonial clothing are encouraged to wear it to this event.

Free Admission, courtesy of the North Riding Chapter NSDAR

Fall Country Fair! 

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