360 Panoramic Tour of Port Washington

Here we present several dozen panoramic views of Port Washington, 
taken from our Then & Now Column.  If you are already familiar with the way
this operates, proceed to be amazed! If you are new here, please read the
instructions below.

Simplified overview

  • The THEN portion of “Then & Now” are local historic postcards, photographs, artifacts, etc. 
  • The NOW portion is an interactive experience which YOU can control from roughly the same location

Slightly wordier overview

  • The NOW portion is a 360 degree panotour photographed in the Port area, and is best experienced on a desktop or laptop, with your sound on (tablets work too, with fewer features).  When you click-drag with your mouse or trackpad you control the view to the left, the right, up, down, wherever you want to look;
  • When you see a pulsing circle, you have spotted a hotspot, which is a magical link to another place.  Hover your cursor over it and a text box will pop up telling where the next “click” will take you. But first look around: you are virtually standing on that spot in Port, so take a moment to take in the view;
    • The hotspots allow you to “travel” from place to place on the Port Washington peninsula (formerly Cow Neck), including wherever we traveled to last month, or the month before. Each month we will add another place in town, with just a splash of an historic introduction;
  • Some 360’s have clickable areas that enlarge when clicked on.  For instance when you get to the Sandminers monument, click on any of the sandminer statues,  you are greeted with closeups of the incredible sculptures by Edward Jonas.  Or the plaques;
  • Tablets: This entire tour also works on a tablet, but since you can't hover over an area to get the text box pop-up feature, you don’t know where you are traveling to next, until you get there. Still, it looks pretty cool on an iPad.  Way too small to enjoy on your phone..best enjoyed LARGE!!!
  • End of longer and wordier overview.  You are now an educated consumer of our new media;

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